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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wedding Cont. & What's that?

Needless to say we drove to Alabama and were married in the company of my cousin, my mother, and my son.

It was indeed “colorful”. The security guard kept whispering to Les every time he passed “Don’t Do IT”

The judge was great and personable. He offered some very good advice. The key to a happy lasting marriage is to realize you have habits which will irritate your spouse. They key is to recognize them… and stop.

As we were leaving and taking pictures outside a strange woman passed by and hissed “See you in two years” for divorce court I could only imagine.

Colorful indeed, hmpf

After the wedding we had dinner at Red Lobster, and then headed to the bed and breakfast. We had a wonderful room, with a large metal, old fashioned, claw foot tub.

I took a wonderful, long, lavender scented bath. It was heavenly.

The room was very hot, but otherwise well appointed and beautiful. Breakfast in the morning, which we were late for having told her we’d eat a nine, but not waking up till 9:30, was wonderful. A nice egg, turkey bacon, and cheese breakfast casserole, biscuits, banana bread muffins, sticky buns, fruit compote, orange juice and, of course, coffee rounded out the meal.

We toured her home, said our goodbyes to Miss Amelia, and headed to my house.

Les has since made note of the fact we call people “Miss whatever” I work with a Miss Mary, Miss Lucy, etc.

I explained it’s a form of respect usually used with your elders, friends of the family type people. My father is known as Mr. Vic to the kids in his neighborhood. It’s just a southern thing, I guess.

A few other “Southern” things Les asked about:

We went to dinner at a buffet.

Les: What’s that?

Me: Black Eyed Peas
Les: What’s that?
Me: Lima Beans
Les: What’s that?
Me: Fried Okra
Les: What’s that?
Me: Collards (Collard Greens)
Les: What’s that?
Me: Pulled Pork

Me: And THAT is bread. (That earned me a dirty, but amused look from my love)


  • GO Les...lol, I would have asked WHAT'S THAT for everyone of those things too .

    By Blogger moon, at 11:30 PM  

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