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Letters to Nowhere

Monday, October 30, 2006


7:30 PM Eastern

At the Zoo
Originally uploaded by red clover.
He's on his way home. I've gotten back from the airport. This will be the last time (gods willing) I'll have to see him leave us.

Next time I'll be going home with him. My son will follow a few days later by air with my cousin (or that's the plan for the moment).

The bottle of Champagne my mother bought for us, that we never got around to drinking, mocks me from the fridge.

10:00 Pm Eastern
For the Photo Hounds there is a shit-ton (Now with 33% more shit than a cubic ton!) of pics on the Flickr account. They aren't in chronological order for those of you that may have seen some. I'll wait a week or so and them put them in the proper order... You'll still get the idea.

Oh and I ended up pouring out the Champagne. It was too smug and reproachful in there.... Real posts about what we did, said, where we went etc will follow in the next few days. I'm not up to it tonight.


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