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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


My son and I have been sick with a nasty stomach bug for the last few days. Yesterday we both were feeling pretty good, so I informed the kid it was back to work and school for us today.

He was fine last night and doing well this morning. At 1 this afternoon he left a brief message on my cell, "Mom, I'm at home. I got sick."

I, hastily it seems, jumped to the conclusion he'd decided to milk the illness for one more day. I called the sitter when I was on my break. She told me they'd picked him up from school this morning. When I asked where he was she said "outside playing". This did not exactly suggest a life threatening relapse to me, as I'm sure you can imagine.

When I got home this evening I asked James about his day. He said, Well you know sometimes your poop is like water? I told him yes, I knew that feeling, but that alone was not reason enough to come home sick. I told him he'd have to just ask permission to use the restroom at school.

Then the story unfolds a tad. He asked the teacher to use the restroom, and she told him he couldn't go "during math". He told her it was an emergency, and she told him to hold it.

Long story short, my son went to the nurse in dirty pants to call someone to come get him. There will be a call to the school tomorrow. I'll be calm, I'll not even curse.. But I can guarantee that the next time "It's an emergency" leaves my son's mouth that he will be allowed to go to the restroom.

I can still remember with almost superhuman clarity the most embarrassing and shameful moment of my young life. I was 10. I was feeling really pretty that day. I had a red dress with a large full skirt on. I sat in the front row of the class. When I sat down after lunch my skirt caught on the back of the chair and I didn't know it. It was only after the snickers had traveled the whole room that one of the boys delighted in telling me that my underwear had a hole in them. It took me a second to figure out how he knew that. To this day, 20 years later, I'm squirming inside at the feelings of shame and humiliation I writhed in for the rest of that day at school.

Whoever said torture isn't the american way clearly didn't go to public schools.

I only hope my son's class doesn't know why he had to leave today.


  • I would bitch slap a teacher.

    By Blogger Amanda, at 10:06 PM  

  • Ohhh, what a terrible thing to happen to him, especially when it could have been avoided.

    If I was there, I would hold the teacher down while Amanda bitch slaps her!

    By Blogger Latin Lover, at 11:12 PM  

  • That's too bad for your son. I hope that no one knows what happened for his sake.

    When I was in 2nd grade, I had to use the restroom and the teacher wouldn't let me go. I couldn't hold it so I ended up peeing in my chair. I wouldn't mind going back and bitch slapping that teacher.

    By Blogger Anduin, at 2:39 AM  

  • Poor kid!

    By Anonymous mellowyellow, at 10:58 AM  

  • While Latin Lover was holding her down I would bitch slap her on the off times when Amanda wasn't, and then after that I would whip out my time machine and Anduin Andorian and I could go back in time, taking Latin lover and Amanda with us) and we would proceed to do the exact same thing to Her grade 2 teacher. All the while nodding in agreement with mellowyellow and saying 'poor kid'
    Just because they are teachers doesn't mean they should have the authority over the bathroom... I mean yeah if the kid is constantly in class every day a few times a day always asking to go to the bathroom thats one thing... when a kid tells you its an emergency you let the kid go even if there is two minutes til the end of class...
    Fucking stupid teachers... I hate those ones...
    I feel very passionately about this because when it happens to you whether its one bodily function or another it haunts you for the rest of your school days and sometimes years especially if the kids knew...

    By Blogger Rae, at 12:12 PM  

  • Poor boy! There are some chances teachers just shouldn't take.

    By Blogger Justice, at 6:23 PM  

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