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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dear Paper Products Fairy

I always knew you must exist. When I've told friends about you they have mocked me. Yet again tonight you choose to honor my home with your presence. I know you were here. The miracle has happened again.

Yesterday, when I used the next to the last paper towel on the roll I thought it might send out a cosmic vibration only you can hear. Today, when I used almost all of the toilet paper I wondered if your pager was sending a 911 TP to Red's house STAT.

Clearly these events did not go unnoticed by your eminence.

I know you exist. I believe! I know you MUST exist because, let's face it, eight year old boys do not replace the toilet paper roll.. nor do they get another roll of paper towels out of the closet and replace the empty roll. No, It's much more believable that there is a Paper Products Fairy. So, when moments ago I saw a new roll of paper towels in the kitchen, I gasped in unexpected glee. I had proof! Proof positive!!

Either that, or I'm raising a son that will make some future spouse gasp with delight... when she discovers the Paper Product Fairy has been by her house too. ;)


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