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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pet Peeves in action

Friday, at work, was a day; I, literally, chewed a sore in the inside of my lip.

The callers I had didn't exactly drink from the fountain of wisdom. I'm starting to wonder if they even gargled!

Me: Ma'am, did you know that you can update this information online?

Caller: OK

Me: Uh.. are you saying "OK, I knew that already".. or "OK, Thanks for letting me know; I learned something new today?"

Caller: (sounding a wee bit confused) Oh.. oh .. Thanks for letting me know.

Me: OK, I was just checking "OK" was a bit vague.

(when asked a yes or no question PLEASE answer YES or NO.. then feel free to babble on to qualify the answer if you wish. OK is not a valid response)

Caller #2: And your name, please?

Me: Red.

Caller: Do you have a last name?

Me: (this is where the lip biting began.. I soooo wanted to say "no ma'am, I'm just like Cher or Madonna.. I'm so well know Red will do) Instead I was a good girl and replied "Yes"

Caller: uh can I have it?

Me: Yes you may, my last name is Clover.

My patience grows thin..


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