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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, July 29, 2005

It took long enough!!!

PayPals buyer protection is a JOKE.

I bought the gown and paid for it using my credit card thru paypal on MAY 21.

I filed the claim 29 days later.

The paypal site says it "can" take 30 days to "settle" a claim.. that is cough*bullshit*cough choke.

33 days after I filed the claim, I FINALLY got news from paypal. I had to take the gown to "a disinterested third party" to get a formal appraisal of how the gown was not as advertised. I guess my explanation and offer of pictures wasn't enough.

After calling no less than 2 dozen bridal, formal wear shops (all of whom wouldn't look at the dress since they didn't sell it too me.. Well DUH!! That's how you fall under "disinterested third party") I finally found someone to help me.

All hail HOUSE OF HINES, Macon GA. Bettie, the owner, wrote a letter stating the dress was clearly not finished since it had no way to be put on, no hem, and no waistband. She also noted several needle snags in the satin of the bodice that I'd missed and included them in the letter. I offered to pay her for her time and she refused my money calling it "a lesson well learned" for me.

HOUSE OF HINES formal and bridal wear in Macon Georgia is the place to go for all your formal needs. So say I.

Anyway.. enough shameless plugging for a wonderful woman's business.

I faxed her letter THREE times on Wed to paypal. I came home to a reminder saying I only had 4 more days to get them the info (after waiting 33 days for info I, of course, had to have the letter to them in 10 days, considerate huh?). Uh.. hold on! OK so I faxed it 6, count 'em, SIX times today.. Oh they got it. They have agreed to refund my money.

Or they will after I mail the dress, certified mail with a tracking number, back to the bitch seller. And of course.. I have only 10 days to provide them with the tracking number.

But hey, I have been vindicated. The money is going to be mine, again.


  • Well I am glad you are finally getting justice, sheesh....makes me all too leary to shop on there. I hope the woman's site you got the dress from gets negative marks now.

    By Blogger moon, at 11:12 PM  

  • Oh thats so unfair! Gald it went your way in the end, can you claim the cost of running around and returning it? Have a good weekend

    By Anonymous mellowyellow, at 6:55 AM  

  • Was the purchase made through ebay?

    By Blogger Woodenpurse, at 10:17 PM  

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