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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Childhood heart break

My son came in about an hour ago sobbing..

I think Thelma Lou killed Matilda, he cried.

Some explanation.. Thelma Lou is the new dog of the landlord/adopted grandparents. Matilda is.. well she's a chicken.

When James was 2 years old Shirley and Harold (the landlords) bought him two chicks and two baby ducks on Easter. The ducks eventually moved to a friends house that had a 1/2 acre pond. 6 years later we had 1/2 a dozens chickens wandering around. By far, my son's favorite was one he named Matilda.

Matilda was far more tame than the others. James picked her, up carried her around.. hell he even put her in the swimming pool where she'd swim lazy circles around him. I couldn't believe that when I heard it. Chickens are NOT fond of water. But yeah.. all things considered this was a good chicken. And I'm not talking in a KFC kinda way.

So I held my son, comforted him, did the usual mommy things that sometimes help smooth over the death of a pet. After the tears were dried and the hugs given he asked me "mom, will you make me some chicken noodle soup?" with no thought given to the fact that Matilda was a chicken.

You see, for my son, she wasn't, she was a friend.


  • aww hun,, thats so sad and sweet in the *i wanna laugh and cry at the same time* kinda thing, kids are SO good at stuff like that. i know he'll miss his matilda and >:D<>:D< for him.

    By Blogger reesie, at 11:29 PM  

  • Poor li'l guy...

    By Blogger Justice, at 4:49 PM  

  • Awww, poor little buddy!

    By Blogger Nickle Annie, at 5:51 PM  

  • As someone who is also guilty of making a chicken a pet, I know how attached you can become to them.

    Im sorry to hear about his loss, and if i could i would send him about 20 of mine.

    By Blogger Amanda, at 8:37 PM  

  • Sorry to hear about your sons lose but sometmes this does teach kids about life. I am glad to see you continue to post comments on my site.

    My posts are not meant to offend they are direct reflections of what bothers me about myself or my life veiled in my own sarcastic way.

    By Blogger Croaker, at 12:56 AM  

  • I feel for the little guy *hugs*

    By Blogger moon, at 11:48 AM  

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