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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The 7 year itch.

I’ve worked for ABC insurance for 7 years today. Seven years. There were many times I thought I’d just quit. Just freaking quit!!

I do work for a good company. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed going to work everyday for the last 7 years, but all in all it’s been a good job.

My congrats email from the Jam

Red, Congratulations on your “Seven Year Anniversary”! Now you are 100% vested which is a milestone. We are a successful company because of associates of your caliber and dedication. Thanks for all your hard work and I hope to work with you for seven more.

The GREAT thing about my 7 year anniversary? I’m fully vested in my 401K. Yay! If/when I leave ABC Insurance I’ll get every penny in my 401K account.

Prior to 7 years, all the money you have put into the account is 100% yours. Company contributions are earned on a ‘vestment’ schedule.
20% at 3 years
40% at 4 years
60% at 5 years
80% at 6 years
100% at 7 years

Considering my company puts a minimum 10% of my annual pay into my 401K every year, regardless of the amount I contribute, that’s a tidy sum of money.

And now it’s mine. All mine.
Honey? Can I move now?


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