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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mom, what's this

Too True
Originally uploaded by red clover.
I found under the mattress?

Ok, flashback time... Way back. Back to when I was like.. 10.

My mother and I walk into her bedroom to find my (then) 5yr old sister, and 6yr old brother closely examining "something".

We walk around the bed to find.. her dildo. Flesh colored, detailed, realistic looking dildo.. being examined by the 2 kids like it was a new kind of toad they'd unearthed in the garden.

My sister looks up and says "What's this mom?"

Mom doesn't miss a beat. "Oh that (picking it up) That is your fathers tallywacker. He can take it off and leave it, since he won't be using it while he's not home."

Both kids seemed to take this as a matter of course.. They just said.. wow! Got up and walked out of the room.

Mom threw the offending appendage back in the bed side drawer and we stifled giggles for the next 15 mins.

See, I'm not the only one that can come up with something on the spot!


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