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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Long Time coming

I had a meeting w/ my son's school Friday. After almost 4 years of requesting it, they are FINALLY going to put him in a special ed reading class for dyslexia.

I also informed them they will NOT be holding him back this year. His class work and homework scores are passing, if barely.

He doesn't like me much at the moment. I also informed the school that he would be going to summer school. Period. The special ed teacher will be there. So will my son. End of story.

All in all it was a very productive meeting where I made it very clear that I felt the system had failed me and my son. I was told that it's not enough for a parent to request testing and special education. They must get a referral from the teacher. I pointed out in very clear terms that all 4 of my son's teachers had made these referrals.

The psychologist that tested James said "It's very difficult for us. From state and national sides we get alot of pressure to find children with challenges early. However, most of the tests are designed for kids that either can read or are 7-8 years old."

The IQ tests they gave James are not very conclusive for just that reason. His scores ranged from 72-98 depending on how much reading was involved. The psychologist feels my son's IQ is at this time not really calculable using the standard tests due to his dyslexia.

In two months I'm going to have my car paid off and will have another 500$ a month in addition to that coming in. I'm thinking very seriously about putting him in a private school with that money.


  • That's not a half bad idea. Or condsider Sylvan learning centers. They can test, see where he is weak and then help him work to strenghten those weaknesses. Either way, it's money well spent.

    Lemme know how it goes.

    As for the administrators of his school, I'd say they can eat shit and bark at the moon for all the good they are doing their students. Imagine if they let James slip through their fingers how many others who are worse off have fallen through the cracks? It might not be something to bring up to the school board and PTA council. Your son is blessed to have a mother who is involved and proactive. So many kids aren't that lucky and those are the ones usually lost to the system.

    That or they rely on sports to become the next big thing in basketball or football and are shattered when their dreams don't come true and don't understand why thier parents are so damn hateful (cuz yanno the parents couldn't make it themselves so they thrust it all down the kids' throat).

    So sorry, I seem to have found my missing soapbox. I've been up and down on it all damn day.

    Hugs and keep me up to date hon.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 10:45 AM  

  • That should have read it might be something to bring up.

    I'm a dork at times.

    Just ask Moonie.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 10:46 AM  

  • If you don't speak up for you kid, no one else will. Sad, isn't it?


    By Blogger Garrison Steelle, at 9:46 PM  

  • Good for you!

    We're struggling right now with my first grader.

    They will do just about ANYTHING but test him, making a different excuse every time. Why not just do it and get it over with? He's not learning as much right now as he should be.

    By Blogger Silly Old Bear, at 11:42 AM  

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