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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgivings of my childhood were a big thing. We'd have family (on mom's side) over that I vaguely remembered from last Thanksgiving.

All us kids would be eating at a "kids" table. This was usually flimsy and nowhere near large enough for all of us. I loved those Thanksgivings. We never really got sentimental about it. No tear in your beer moments. We were all there and having a good time.

Oh, and for the recored, I was every day of 25 before I got to move to the 'adult' table.

Thanksgivings now are a bit different. All us kids and relatives are scattered from here to hell. We almost never have the huge cook for 30 type dinners anymore. This year James will be eating turkey with the landlord's family. (Let me justify that by saying that my landlords are practically adopted family. They've babysat my son since he was less than a year old. Hell, they take him on vacation with them every summer to Florida)

I will likely be here at the house, trying to sleep off an impending cold. My cousin, Chris, and I may get together for a dinner out on Thursday. Who knows?

I don't cook for Thanksgiving anymore. It's just James and I, and since I had my stomach stapled it's just not worth cooking. For the last 3 years I've bought one of those "complete dinners" from my grocery deli. Actually they are very good. This year I'm just not feeling it. So I didn't reserve one. I know the landlord will probably bring home mounds of left overs for me, anyway.

So, what am I thankful for? Even though my life has been turned upside down in the last 6 wks I can think of a few things.

I'm thankful I'm alive. I almost wasn't.
I'm thankful for the love of a good man, that has helped me keep my sanity when everything seemed to be going to hell.
I have some really, really wonderful friends that care deeply for me.
I have a son. The light of my life. Without him I wouldn't be the woman I am.
I do have my sanity (no, really I do! I promise!)
I have a job, that for the most part, I do enjoy and (usually) pays the bills.


Moon: I got your package today!!! And all I can say is OMG, Thank you! James and I did watch Nemo together as I was blissfully sipping a cup of Timmy's. James thought the Nemo movie case was so cool because it has "Spanish" on it. I had to explain it was French, not Spanish. That got into a huge "bust out the globe" explanation of France, Canada and the US. Thank you very much. *oh and your penmanship is just what I would expect of you* lol


  • I remember those days at the kids table. Hey ours was the old card tables. But they used them for dominoes after we eat. I'm so glad to be your friend. I do care. Have a Good Turkey Day!! Get that damn cold slept off so we can bash a few morons online!! Love ya, Tina

    By Blogger Love, at 1:17 AM  

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