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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Honey, on your way home from work

Don't forget to pick up some bread, milk, toilet paper and a casket.

Huh? A casket? It seems that Costco (a bulk warehouse store) has decided to give casket sales a try. Maybe it's just me but I really don't want to be walking through a store w/ the bulk size box of ho-hos, a 24 pack of toilet paper, and a case of wine and see caskets.

Call me crazy.. but that's just .. tacky!

Where, exactly, do you set up a nice casket display in a Costco/Sam's type place? "Oh, look honey, they've got red meat on sale.. oh and look at that lovely steel casket! Grab those Twinkie and lets go ahead and start planning for the day we will die." Nothing, I mean NOTHING, encourages me to return to a retail store like being reminded that half of what you sell will eventually KILL me.

I mean really.. you don't see them selling neck braces at the fair do ya? When was the last time you saw a combination Bungee Jumping platform/Wheelchair sales outlet?

Maybe it's just me...


  • Okay hon, this has nothing to do with your post, and I know you're tied up in love with your beau, but you'll always be muh' macon cutiepie ;) Just wanted to let you know that your friends are still out here and love ya hon ;)


    By Blogger Swift, at 3:58 AM  

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