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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kitty Cargo

In less than a month I will traveling at least 4000 miles with a cat, a kid, a lizard and my husband. In a Car. While I'm PMSing.

I searched for a new Cat Carrier since the one I have now is one of the small hard plastic low ventilation kind you use to take your kitty to the vet.

I looked at several models. This one has plenty of ventilation, and was easy to carry, but I'm pretty sure my cat wouldn't love me anymore So I passed. :0

The next one was very affordable, easy to carry, but almost no ventilation. It did have that "Southern Flair" but I'm not quite that southern.

Finally I decided on this one. It has plenty of ventilation, can be seat belted in for safety, and still able to be carried like a purse or bag. It is designed for animals up to 16 pounds, so my 7 pound cat will have plenty of room. It's made by rubbermaid so it's washable and has a removable soft bed liner. Good deal huh?

Since the trip will be long and there is a possibility my kitty might get lost (or thrown out of the car KIDDING) I also bought a new ID tag for my cat. On one side it has contact numbers in case she is found in Canada, the other side has US contact numbers.


  • OMG I almost died when I saw the first one! ...Chris however , being alergic to cats and not liking them much, got a wicked grin on his face when I showed him lmao.

    By Blogger moon, at 1:23 PM  

  • This is completely random, I know, but where did you find the travel carrier? I have one that I bought years ago and am trying to find another one but having no luck.

    By Blogger dormouse, at 5:21 PM  

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