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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quick Recap of my life of the last 3 weeks.

note: pix on my Flickr account will soon be available.)

My son and I, along with Chris, my cousin often spoken about here, Jim (Chris' partner) and Tasha (Chris' sister and breast cancer survivor) went to Universal Studios. Chris was the only grown person, much less man, that had his picture taken with Spiderman *cough . laugh ehem..*

The next day Chris, Jim, James and I went to the beach for the day (I'm still peeling by the way...the natural white-blue of skim milk of my normal skin tone is returning). The following day, we all attended Tasha's stunningly BEAUTIFUL wedding to a man I believe is truly worthy of her.

On the way home our normal route was shut down by the Florida Highway Patrol due to severe smoke from wild forest fires. As a result we had to come home by the "nothing within 100 miles" interstate... My car, admittedly has had a teeny bit of a slipping clutch for 2 months or so, DIED in the official middle of "BFN" Bum-fuck-nowhere. All four of us were stranded on the side of the road 130 miles from home and at least 50 miles from anywhere that had a hotel.

My insurance company GEICO checked around to see where the nearest KIA dealership was. Ha. It was 90 miles away... In the opposite direction to where we were going. Still they agreed to pay for 90 miles of towing in ANY direction I wanted.

I wanted it to the west to where I lived. We got a towtruck driver that bent the "2 passenger" rules to allow all four of us to travel at the same time. If he hadn't I would have had to leave Chris and Jim on the side of the road in the middle of NOWHERE for at least 3 hours till I could have borrowed a car to go get them.

Anyway. We made it home. I only had to pay $30, and only because we went 100 miles, instead of the 90 GEICO would pay for.

Since then my car has been in the shop. Now going on 10 days. Geico, I thank you, repair shop, you better be as good this time as the last time I used you.



  • Man, I hope your car gets a good repair...given it needs to take u across the country...to meet up with ANNA, JOHN, ME AND CHRIS!! WHOOO HOOO... then across large portions of Canada lol.
    Don't make me worry about u now ! I don't want to fret the whole time u guys are on the road ..it will ruin my vacation! lol

    By Blogger moon, at 3:52 PM  

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