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Letters to Nowhere

Monday, April 09, 2007

An Empty room

I took a wander through an empty room in my apartment the other day. It was a sort of sterile and lonely place. Oh, it has a bed, dressers, lamp, closet and such, but nothing else. No clothes on the floor, no marks on the walls, no posters. There are no handprints on the window, nor any scars or stickers on the drawers. It has been more or less like this for a year and more.

The other bedroom looks a bit more lived-in. There are clothes, dressers, and other things in there. But again, it still feels a bit empty and desolate. The whole apartment, really, is lacking in vital life. I've been loath to decorate, because it needs the input of two other people. If it had just been me, I'd have started to make it my own. But for this past year, I've been waiting to make it a home. Soon, I'll be able to put those finishing touches on a place that will feel more complete. Soon, pictures of my family will be joined with those of my new family. The walls will have things that will reflect a group of people in a loving home.....

And scratches, marks, kid shoes, high heels, three times as many toiletries, food in the cupboards, sugary cereals, more laundry................

I'm so very grateful that this will be happening soon.


  • AWE, I am so happy for you all. I think I myself will breath a huge sigh of relief once they step down on Canadian soil...you have friends who know how long and hard this has been...big hugs 0x0x

    By Blogger moon, at 4:24 PM  

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