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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nature or Nuture?

I've not posted much lately. That can be caulked up to the fact I've had 4 dental appointments (2 for me and 2 for my son) and 2 vet appointments (for my cat) in the last 7 days.

Today my son and I went to the dentist together. He had to have a small filling. I was there for a cleaning.

Later, after the appointment, my landlord/babysitter called to ask who my dentist was. I told her it was Dr Lee in Gray Georgia. She said she didn't know him. When I asked why she was calling to ask, she explained that my son had told her that her her daughter knew him (the dentist).

I further explained, "His name is Daniel or maybe Denny, something like that... "

She suddendly said " Oh Danny Lee, yeah I know him"

My son, who has NEVER met a person he couldn't talk to at ease, while he had his FILLING put in managed to determine that my dentist knew my landlord's daughter. (note my landlord is 70 years old.)

How could two such INTROVERT (I make very few good friends, and even then tend to neglect them if/when "life" happens, his father was even worse) parents, as myself and his father, have such a gregarious kid? I have NO idea.


  • Thats for sure lol...when he talked to me on the phone asking me french questions...then when u asked him if he was done with his questions, he answered no, and then proceeded to ask me ...SO HOW WAS YOUR DAY? lmao
    Gotta love him.

    By Blogger moon, at 12:45 AM  

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