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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A weekend mini vacation .

My cousin, his life-partner (Jim), myself, and my son left Saturday morning for a 7 hour drive to central Kentucky. We were off to visit a several places.

Dinosaur World was the #1 "real" reason for the trip. My cousin had seen it from the interstate on a trip back home months ago. We'd promised my son we'd take him to see it. Truth to tell we'd promised this to him for his birthday. Which was 2 months ago.

Even still. We adults were waiting because there was a possibility that my husband might come with us. Sadly that wasn't possible. So we planned the vacation with a few things in mind. We'd see Dinosaur Land, and the Mammoth Caves.

Yes, we saw Dinosaur World.. It was by far the most "cool" part of our trip.

The greatest picture of our trip, was one that Jim (my cousin's partner) and my son took. It was perfect. Jim is a 40+ year old man. BUT my son and JIM in a back seat is EXACTLY like having 2 - 10 year olds in the back. They were cracking up over farts.. They almost died laughing over the fact my son could pooch out his stomach and pop his top button! Both my cousin (Jim's "husband/Partner") and I had to yell over our shoulders more than once. "BOYS, DO NOT MAKE ME HAVE TO PULL THIS CAR OVER!!!" Then Chris and I would both would end up laughing at the pure oddness of it.

So yeah the picture of them being "eaten" was and IS the Picture of the trip!

My son had never had a chance to spend a night in a motel. He was sooo psyched. Motels in moves are SOOO COOL! Can you tell? Soo.. Sunday Morning we went to explore Caves.

Mammoth Caves!
Mammoth Caves (the largest cavern system in the world to be explored) was pretty boring. If you want to see huge caverns carved by water it's great. It's very dark, very dusty, very.. um.. boring.. Woo-hoo hole in the ground.. 2 hours of Big Hole In The Ground!!

Not so cool for us; Not what we expected. It was.. uh.. a big.. hole..

After that we noticed we had enough time to visit a "Tourist Trap" cave. I'll be the first to say. DO NOT visit mammoth caves if you want to see any type of "cave formation" Go to Diamond Caverns. OMG. .. The beauty of this 1/4 mile cave is almost impossible to vocalize.


The more hilarious (read that sarcastic) notes of our weekend should be reserved for a different post... Still.. Mammoth Vrs Diamond Caverns.. Go for the Diamonds....

OH yeah, just in case you were wondering: you have 2 choices:

Snakes on a plane


James (my son) in a Car.

We prayed for Snakes on a Plane............


  • haha, sounds like u had a good time...apart from the boring hole in the ground lol. Love the pics!!

    By Blogger moon, at 5:14 PM  

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