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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Why I hate Canadians:

This is a book my husband (a Canadian) gave me as a present some time ago. The book is by Will Ferguson, a Canadian.

Quite possibly the most hilarious moment in the book (from my viewpoint) is when the author is flying home from Japan, and by some chance is seated next to another Canadian. They get into a conversation about Japan, politics and why he is flying home. He asks her (and I'm paraphrasing from memory from here until I state so) why she is proud to be a Canadian.

She replies, "Well, we are .. Nice"

"Nice?!" Will replies. He mentions, sarcastically to her, that while Canada may not have the biggest, or most powerful military, financial, or economical influence in the world that they are "nice?" as the Mrs put it.

She sniffs and says, "Well, if you're nice all that other stuff doesn't matter." (end paraphrase)

The Canadian that wrote the book then goes into a diatribe that had me, AND my Canadian Husband truly CRYING tears of laughter.

He states how odd it is that most Canadians will say they, as a country, are "nice" and he points out that Canadians have taken one of the most bland and meaningless discrptives in the English language and proudly claimed it as theirs. NICE! We are NICE! AKA (my opinion) WE are mashed potatoes withOUT gravy!!!

Most Americans are Clueless. And I was too, .. until I knew, and eventualy married a man in Canada.


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