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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, February 23, 2007

Old People are SNEAKY

aka "I got played like a chess set" or as I like to think of it.. "Age Before Beauty"

My landlord is an older woman in her early 70's. We have a very good, friendly relationship. When one of us is going to the grocery store we'll often call and see if the other needs something; a loaf of bread, toilet paper, etc.

She got me good one night. She called close to midnight (not unusual we are both night owls). She asks if I've been to the store lately. I tell her no, but that I DO need toilet paper.

Then she check-mates me:
Well since you're going to the store tonight anyway, will you pick me up something?

Wow.. I was so stunned by that truly masterful move that I'm stammering.
Uh.. Well.. Uh.. Yeah sure.

I call my husband back and tell him I'm going to the store. I explain why and give a rueful laugh.
Sneaky, Sneaky, Sneaky....


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