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Letters to Nowhere

Monday, February 05, 2007

Am I Over-reacting?

Ok .. Ok.. Background history. My son has a problem with his attention span in school. He's been on Adderall for quite some time to help treat it. After a week of really nasty side effects (hallucinations: he saw dead people in the bathroom, and a man in black with a knife in my bedroom.. oh and the shirt in the closet that had sprouted an eye.. All in my fully lit room bedroom tucked in next to me) we got his dosage right. And it's helped immensely.

I've gone to the same pharmacy for the last several refills of his medication. Last month they didn't have quite enough pills to refill it "properly" but I knew I could divide the dose if I HAD to. (I'm moving out of the country soon and my pediatrician and I have discussed what impact the move might make in my ability to fill his prescription and find a new doctor in Canada to continue it)

So we made due, at 1/2 his normal dose for the last month.

OK tonight I went to fill his refill and my prescription for Wellbutrin, an antidepressant. I've been having some trouble adapting to life where I'm married but can't see, touch, smell, or fornicate (hey! It's no longer fornication.. woo - hoo) with my husband.

I dropped the Rxs off 3 hours before hand. I get back to the store and ask for our medication.

Long story short:

They didn't have enough of my son's medication to fill it. I asked why not; I explained last month. She said she'd order more.

I said, " I can't believe you still don't have enough to fill it. My son's been on 1/2 doses since last month. That means he's good at school but at home he's a little.......um intense"

There were at least 6 - 8 feet between us. There were ALSO three customers behind me.

The Pharmacist said, " I guess that explains your antidepressants, huh?"

Pure cold shock kept my normally acidic sarcastic tongue dead in my mouth.


WHAT THE HELL? I've got the 800 complaint number for this location. I've also gotten the store phone number. Tomorrow I'm going to call the manager and confirm the name of the Pharmacist. Then I'm calling corporate. Then I'll probably be calling the APhA.

My personal medical treatment had/has been told to everyone around me. Not to mention the derogatory tone of her statement for both my son's and my illnesses.

What if my son had been there? What if I was involved in a messy divorce and someone that knew my (hypothetical) husband had been there? What if my boss had been there?

She had NO right to make that statement out loud in a voice that could reach 6 - 8 feet.


  • Overreacting? Nope.

    It's fun to get people in trouble for stuff like that. Violation of the HIPPA-or-something. I've made a few complaints against my doctor (mainly for calling my parents with test results even though I'm 21...) and the pharmacy, too.

    Although I'm sure it was meant to be sarcastic on her end, there is a) no reason to even say such a thing and b) mention your medical information like that.

    Please, please let someone know because it violates the law..and I hope for your sake (and your son's) you find a new pharmacy if you can because...the fact that they don't have the meds on hand and are treating their customers like that...would have me walking out on them for good.

    By Anonymous Amanda, at 2:13 AM  

  • No, you're not overreacting at all. Maybe the pharmacist was having a bad day or maybe it was an innocent comment and she didn't realize the impact it could have. But the bottom line is it was a breach of your privacy and that is NOT cool at all. You have every right to be upset about it and to do what you think is necessary to deal with the situation.

    By Blogger Laura, at 3:59 PM  

  • Jen AKA... Momma #2 (teehee) I should give you a hand for not saying something back to that Pharmacist, because I know that if someone said that to me, I would not be able to hold my tongue. What a BITCH, she had no right to say ANYTHING about you. Its people like her that make me cringe, horrible customer service. .......Anyways..

    Talk to you soon (hopefully)

    By Anonymous Nikita, at 1:53 AM  

  • I hope you call EVERY number you can...that is totally uncalled for, unprofessional, unlawfull and unacceptable!!! Besides also not having the required meds...is a no brainer...the one and only time my pharmacy was short of a med I needed...they called around to other pharmacies to get what was lacking and had them delivered to me that same afternoon ...THATS how it's supposed to work. I am still realing at the thought that James was on a half dose because fo the pharmacy!...The rest just makes me want to spit nails!

    By Blogger moon, at 11:20 AM  

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