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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

OMG Santa Called Our HOUSE

My son and I were talking about what he wanted for Christmas. I mentioned that Santa had called me yesterday to get his list but he hadn't made one out yet.

He was STUNNED. "Santa. Called. Our. House?" he asked.

Yes, he did. He does every year, was my reply.

As we started making a list, Santa called back!

Mom/Dad you can highlight the following few lines to read them:
Basically I hit the "Ringer volume Select" button on the cordless phone.. Which, of course, made it Ring. I then had a talk with "Santa".

James tried to put his head close to the phone to hear. Santa told me to tell him eavesdropping goes in the Bad column.
Santa also wanted me to tell him that being disrespectful to elders (the babysitters) would be a HUGE mark against him.

But.. Santa called to see if James had a Christmas list made out yet. He explained he MUST have the list before the first of the month in order to have everything ready for delivery.

He's since come up with a LIST:

Nintendo Wii
Monster House (for PS2)
Pokemon Monster Dungeon (for Nintendo DS)
A Rock Tumbler
GooseBumps Books
Uno (the Adult Game.. he's had the "Dora" version for awhile)
Any Tony Hawk game for Nintendo DS or PS2

He's not cheap is he? Santa BEWARE!


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