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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A first time for everything

I have received hate mail from family. That’s a first. I have been asked by a member of my family to never post anything about the family again.

My answer to that... is NO

It’s not a matter of respect, or pride, or disrespect. It’s a matter of my personal rights.

Family is not something you choose. They just are. The connection between some of my family and me is... tenious. It's maintained through semi-annual visits, and the occasional Christmas card. Sure I love them. But I don’t always like them. I know they feel the same about me.

This spot, Letters to Nowhere, is MY spot. This is MY blog. This is where I dump out what’s going on, what I’m thinking of, what I’m doing. And ultimately I do it for me. I won’t be censored by anyone. I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts, your comments. But, this is my “home”. I will live and tell my life the way I choose to in my “home”.

If you make a choice to read something I write, you made that choice. Feel free to comment, hate mail from my family welcome. But it was your choice to read. It was your decision. I am not going to selectively alter my history, my thoughts, or my feelings for anyone. I am not a made-to-order family member. Sure this is a public forum; however you still choose to read it. Do you watch dirty movies, or read pornographic materials? No? Why not? Because you choose not to, you are making a choice.

If you are close-minded enough to take one entry, one day, one page from my life and condemn me to hell... feel free. Just the fact people are willing to do so makes me doubt their faith. If god will judge me, fine. You have no right too. God and I know what I thought, what was said, because by your belief system, he knows all. So why should I censor it? It’s already on the book of life.

If anyone is unclear as to how to leave and not read, please look in the right hand corner of this page. You will see a small X in a box. Clicking that makes me go away. It makes anything I say that is uncomfortable, upsetting, or distasteful to you go away... forever.

Oh and at my funeral, or my son's.. I hope there is humor, I hope there are jokes told, I hope people will remember me and/or my son as human, funny, failable, imperfect, sometimes clumsy in the living of it but always always full of joy in life. Laughter through tears is one of the best healers in this world.


  • What kind of hate mail was it? Why don't you post about it to receive another hate mail.. *chuckles*
    My family wouldn't bother if I blog or not...In fact, I don't think that they're understand what blog is... [Got here via blogexplosion] (^-^)v

    By Anonymous Mireru, at 3:33 AM  

  • Hey Red...
    instead of hate mail I received an irate mother at my door step with a manilla envelope full of postings from my blog...
    and telling me to my face that I broke her heart and how dare I air my personal goings on and theirs...
    I polite told her to leave several times... and then asked my man to remove her from our home and that she was not welcome into my home if she was to disrespect me in my space...
    I hear ya... and understand...
    I usually change the names in my blog and frankly their my thoughts and my opinions about something at a particular place and time...
    So good on ya girl... fuck them...

    By Blogger Rae, at 1:43 PM  

  • In reading the original post, I certainly see the humor in Red's musings and really only saw one thing that could be considered directed at Andy. I personally found the runner at the funeral funny and highly disrespectful. It seems to me that God wouldn't have picked that situation to make someone act in that way. Maybe at church on Sunday, but not at a time like that. So if you want to say something is disrespectful, heap some on her too. She pretty much desecrated the ceremony altogether in my eyes.

    Red, it is your blog, your life, your viewpoints. It's not like you are using names and addresses when you reference anything, and none of your posts are malicious and hurtful, so I will continue to read. Your sense of humor and way of seeing life are what I love about you and why we get along so well.

    Oh, and I will be using my identity to leave my comment. I won't hide behind the "anonymous" tag and cast my thunderbolts of judgment down, such as others would do.

    By Blogger Chris, at 1:14 PM  

  • I like the way you think. And your right in so many ways, well right in my eyes, i would of done and said the very same things.

    My family sounds way to much like mine. thank heavens i moved to another state, peace of mind, works wonders. :) Stay true to your self. Honestly, your not giving out their address's. Would hate to think, just because your family, you cant have thoughts. *shakes head*

    By Blogger kelley, at 3:27 PM  

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