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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Important Lessons

My sister in law and her sister both have babies. My niece, Savannah is 13 months old. Blaze, my nephew by marriage is 12 months old. Both are beautiful kids.

James and I spent Monday with Julia, my sister in law, and the babies. James has never had much exposure to babies and didn’t quite know what to think as they kept crowding around him.

One thing to note, Blaze was born missing his left forearm and hand. The upper arm and elbow joint are in place but his arm ends in a nub an inch or so past the elbow. His right arm is, thankfully, normal. James had never seen anyone like that and was pretty freaked. He hid it well, but I could tell he was very uncomfortable when Blaze edged his way around the table to put both his arms in James’ lap.

Personally, those kinds of things don’t bother me in the least. It’s just who they are. I loved, held, cuddled and played with Blaze for well over an hour. My niece was shy and standoffish. Blaze was friendly and lovable. His mom was shocked. He normally doesn’t take to people that well.

It was while I was rocking him to sleep (his mom having left to run some errands) that my sister in law squealed/screamed. I almost had a heart attack on the spot.

What, What?!?

My niece had walked for the first time. She had walked from the coffee table to my son. At that point James realized babies weren’t that bad. He spent the next hour helping Savannah walk, urging her on, holding her hands and guiding her.

The next day he wanted to go back to Aunt Julia's. I asked if he wanted to play with the babies. He said he wasn’t sure about Blaze. I asked if it was about his arm. He said it was weird.

We ended up having yet another “talk”. Some people are born blind, some can’t hear, some are missing an arm or leg. It doesn’t change who they are. They are still people with feelings, they still need friends, love and to have fun. It’s no different than the way I have red hair and my brother has brown hair.

James was still a bit standoffish but at least he didn’t freak when Blaze touched him after that.


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