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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Trip there.

I guess I'll try to start from the beginning, when I get to the end I'll stop.

It's nice to be home, but I miss my home away from home. Room 107.. but I'll get to that later..

The trip through the Atlanta airport was not bad. Security screening didn't take as long as I expected even after being pulled for additional screening. I had time to walk to my gate instead of taking the tram. Several miles of underground walkways. It certainly helped with my nerves.

The only smoking was in a bar on my concourse. You have to buy something, of course. So, I got my usual Diet Coke. I had a nice chat with a nice man from Texas (who bought me a beer when I ran out of Coke as we chatted about our reasons for flying). I was annoyed by a know-it-all kid. You know the type, the ones that have a statistic for everything. Thankfully, Texas showed up and rescued me.

Not long after I finished my Coke and beer it was time to board. Once I'd boarded, I was looking out a window thinking "This is it. No turning back, I'm actually doing this" and there was no regret.

I landed in Vegas about 5 mins before my connecting flight so I was jogging through the terminal to make my plane. That flight was effortless and (wonder of wonders) early to arrive in Spokane.

The airport was all but deserted at 2 AM. I ducked into a restroom to give myself a moment. This is when the butterflies hit. I wasn't really nervous or anxious until I knew I was in the same building as him.

A short walk later, and I saw him leaning against a wall waiting. Instant heart in the throat moment. One long, hard hug (inhaling the scent of him) and a brief soft kiss later, it was ok. We talked about our trips, easy for both of us thankfully. He got there early, very early, got lost finding the hotel and then spent 3 hours at the airport waiting for me. So, what did my love do for 3 hours. Rode the escalators, played a video game, and played spy (until the place emptied). None of the restaurants were open. He made due.

We held hands on the hike to the car. He, of course, opened the door for me. I can't imagine him not doing that. LOL I was disillusioned by his car. I don't know why but I thought he'd have a large car, probably sedan, probably tan. The small blue compact was a surprise, but more to my taste anyway. The ride to the hotel was quick and painless, thanks to him having already scoped the place out. We checked in, went up to the room, and talked for awhile. Then time for bed.. ACK what now? lol

Slow, tender, lingering, exploratory kisses were heaven. I changed into my very large, very unsexy T-shirt and crawled into bed. There was no awkwardness when I slid over to lay my head on his shoulder, one leg thrown over his, fingers playing in his chest hair. We fit perfectly, it was like coming home.


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