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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Water everywhere, not a drop to drink

I came home today from work and find a kitchen swimming w/ water. My cat was looking forlornly at her food dish, giving me a look of the deepest disgust. One that said "I KNOW you dont expect me to tread water while Im trying to eat do you?" Seems one of the pipes under the sink has burst. Yippee! As if I didn't have enough to keep me busy this week.

Since my house is older than I am the kitchen sink does not have an individual turn off valve. I have to cut the water to the whole house. Complicating this is the fact that the land lord is not home. So, I just wait. With out water. You never really think about how much of your life comes out of a water pipe until you have no water. I can't make coffee, wash dishes, wash my hands, flush the toilet, take a bath, cook, hell I can't do ANYTHING! Or so it seems.

My landlord was going to remodel my kitchen while I was in Canada. Looks like they will have to get an earlier start. Sure he could just replace the pipe and faucet, but that would be like putting pin stripes on a totaled Mercedes.. and then hanging a new air freshener and saying "well that fixes that!"

I'm waiting for them to get home to figure out what, exactly, I need to do from here. Sigh... It'll be ok.. it'll be ok... it'll be ok. Thankfully, I am very close to them. I can shower, eat, drink coffee, and use the bathroom over there if need be. They are closer and more helpful to me than most of my family. I love S & H.

For better news.. I booked the last item on my "to be booked" list today. (Yeah! One list I can throw away) My flight will leave at 10:00 pm on 09/08. I'll get to Washington at 2:20 am. I booked a room there for that night. And booked the room in Canada for the rest of my stay. How much do you want to bet that by the time this trip is done my credit card company is going to up my spending limit? lol


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