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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, September 03, 2004

Clearance Sale!

I am the clearance queen. I almost NEVER pay full price for anything. I don't clip coupons, and I don't browse the sales papers. However, the first place I go in a store (and usually the only place) is the clearance racks. Sure, if I'm looking for something specific I'm willing to pay for it if need be... but I hate, hate, hate paying full price ... for anything.

I got off work about 3 hrs early today and saw a store I'd never browsed before. So I stopped in and looked around. I saw some really great clearance, but it wasn't anything I couldn't live with out.

My shopping criteria : Is it on clearance? Can I live without it? If I can answer those questions Yes for the first and No for the second, the item in question will probably come home w/ me. I say probably because after carrying it around for 20 mins while browsing, my normal frugal (ahem... note I did not say cheap) my normal frugal side will rear up and I'll realize I can, indeed, live without said item.

Anyway!! I saw a pair of shoes... that fit me (wonder of wonders! I have feet like Fred Flinstone) and they were the perfect pair of heels. Sexy, sky high, and actually comfortable even better on sale $10! The down side .. they were This color.
*sigh I quickly fell out of lust with them since I couldn't find a pair in black, green, white, cream or ( yes I would have settled for) red. I don't have the shoe fetish lots of women have. I own 4 pairs of shoes.. that's it.. that's all! A pair of sneakers, a pair of black flats, a pair of black heels (worn 3 times) and a pair of cream sandals.

At a different store, I was browsing the hygiene aisles, looking for god only knows what, when I came across ... Clearance condoms. Am I the only one that is afraid to buy clearance condoms? There is just something fundamentally wrong with a box of condoms on clearance! But, man were they cheap.. umm I mean inexpensive. I checked the expiration date.. well over a year away... but no.. I'm not buying clearance condoms. Just .. kinda... freaky..

So, what did I buy today after browsing 4 stores and spending 3 hours looking? I bought: 1 bag of Quaker Crisp'ums ($0.68), a travel sized shave gel (on sale $0.50), and a purse (also on sale $3.00)


  • I was at Wally-World late one night, combing through the condom section, when i saw discount pregnancy tests. I stopped short and thought, "Man thats not something to be thrifty about."

    By Blogger Amanda, at 11:24 PM  

  • Those shoes could have been cute with a pair of jeans, and just a simple top.

    God, i really am a girly girl arent i?

    By Blogger Amanda, at 3:54 PM  

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