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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


After the border debacle we drove through Osoyoos. Les took me to an outlook point that provided a wonderful view down on the town. I was transfixed by the heights, the mountains, and the view. I'd never seen anything like it before. It was astounding. I have a hard time trying to express how beautiful I found that spot to be.

Les was standing behind me with his arms around me. I was standing there unable to tear my eyes away from the scenery in front to me. It was cool but not cold. People came and went as I continued to grapple my 'flat land' mindset into really accepting that I was, indeed, standing above a town.

Over the next week I saw a great deal of mountains. For the first 3 or 4 days it was overwhelming. Thinking of all that rock hovering above would give me the wollygobbers (as my son calls it). The 'falling rock' warning signs on the road didn't help inspire feels of security and wellbeing. I'd see that sign and think, Woo Hoo another Fresh Hot Death Warning, Oh goody! (Because we all know fresh hot death is way better than stale cold death lol)

I never really got over the wonderment that the mountains inspired in me. I was, eventually, able to stop gawking like a goober at every turn. I was reminded again and again by that towering landscape that my problems really weren't as great as I thought they were. My typical problem/worry/stress will improve or be resolved in 6 mos or less. Looking at the ravages of fire and Pine Beetle larvae put my concerns in prospective, it will take 100's of years to repair that damage.


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