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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

After almost 20 yrs reading I have finally finished the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. * There are NO spoilers here*

My brother and I have always been King fans. I read The Gunslinger when I was 9 and fell in love w/ Roland's world. Over 18 long, and often fruitless, years I have waited for King to finish this series of 7 books. At last it's done.

My brother started the Gunslinger and didn't like it. It wasn't until the 4th book came out, in 1997, that I was able to talk him into trying again. By the middle of the 2nd book, he was hooked. (Damn his eyes for not having to suffer the prior 10 yrs of lusting for the next book like I did) But, we have both twisted in the wind for years since waiting... waiting.. waiting.. Like crack fiends jones'n for a rock. It's been shameful I tell ya!

A few years ago King was hit by a vehicle and almost killed. My brother called me and told me the news. My first thought was "OMG if he dies I'll never find out what happens to Roland! Will he reach the tower and cry the names of his friends and loved ones?.. ARRRGGGGGG" Chris suggested, only jokingly, that if King did die he'd hold a séance to find out what happened. I thought that was a brilliant idea lol.

Thankfully King didn't die, though he did realize it was possible that he could die before finishing his life's work. He wrote the last 3 books over the course of the following two years. I was all but orgasmic when I heard the news.

And now it's finished and I've finished it. Most of my questions have been answered. Ka, is indeed, like a wheel turning relentlessly on. Commala-come-come.

Say Thankee, Sai King


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