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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Putting it all in scale

Sometimes when everything is a bit overwhelming I like to look at this picture. It puts everything in scale.

Suddenly my problems just aren't as consuming. While it doesn't mean they are inconsequential, it does help me remember that somethings just aren't worth getting worked up over.

Things that are currently worrying me:

My credit has been hijacked and I'm facing a bankruptcy to get rid of someone ELSE's debt that I can't prove isn't mine. Very long story! Two words for you Credit Protection. Call the credit agencies and have them block your account to new inquiries unless they are at YOUR request.

I'm overweight, and smoke too much.

Am I doing the right thing by my son, making the right decisions to help him grow and be secure and have the emotional fortitude needed to make it on this small bit of interstellar debris we call home.

Work, dear god, work!

My family and his family.

Can I learn to say Eh?

The list goes on and on... but look at that picture again. Go on.. I'll wait while you do. Really think about that ... that .. unimaginable vastness. Compare your worries and problems to that... See they aren't as bad as you thought. Now take a deep breath and smile.. fake it if you have too. Feel better? Ok that'll be $25, see you next week. Oh and next time try not to sweat on the couch... it grosses the next guy out.

A few notes on the picture. Yes, I know its not our galaxy. It's Andromeda. We don't have a complete picture of the Milkyway galaxy. We have conjecture. We aren't even sure if our galaxy is truly shaped that way or if we have an armed spiral. Yes I added the "You are here" in photoshop. So clearly we aren't there.. but the pic still helps. lol


  • can i learn to pick out my horse's hooves without worrying that sudden malice on his part will very conceivably lead to broken fingers? *sigh* i need to print out that picture (regardless of the fact it is not ACTUALLY our galaxy), blow it up, hire an artist, and have him paint it on my ceiling to remind me at the end of the day that everything will always be all right. really. actually, it is VERY helpful. makes you feel pleasantly small, and the universe pleasantly overwhelming. kind of like standing at the edge of the ocean with the sand between your toes reminding you that you are grounded to this tiny earth, and the sky above you and the ocean beyond you reminding you how small you are. or standing on top of a mountain and looking down and realizing you can absolutely never see anywhere close to everything, not to mention the fact that you can understand far far far less than 1% of it. all righty, i'm babbling. thanx for the picture. :)

    By Blogger Ann, at 6:19 AM  

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