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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Toe Curling

Do you know what I find the most attractive part of a man? The one area I just can't keep my fingers off of?

The hidden skin. No, not all of it. Just that first inch or two of flesh that is purposely hidden from my view. Under the collar, the skin just under a waistband, or the warm skin of a thigh covered by shorts, even sleeves can sometimes leave me breathless ... mmmmm oh yeah.. that's what I like.

I like running my fingers, lips, hands, even my hair, heck anything! along that secret flesh. If a man is wearing shorts I want to slip my hands up the legs.. no, I don't want to go on a search and grope for the frank and beans.. I just want to make small, soft, sensuous, little circles on that quietly hidden flesh. Hopefully, evoking small moans or excited, hitching breathing for my efforts.

OMG, don't get me started on a waistband *pant pant*. I don't want to stuff my whole hand down inside.. just 2 fingers, or *moan* if we are alone.. my mouth trailing slow, humid, warm kisses along that hidden delight. I can easily turn undressing a man into a 4 star event. That is, assuming the man isn't one of those "I got a hard on let me use it right now" kinda asses.

Slipping my hands under a shirt and feeling the warm, firm surface of a lower back.. God, I think you can see what I mean. lol I'm a freak.. A freak, I say, about that skin.. The skin that is willfully denied to my eyes, just begs to be explored in minute, exquisite, agonizingly slow, and very thorough detail. I cant keep my hands or eh hem other things off of it!

Ok so now you know...


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