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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Gozer does not dwell in my refrigerator

... well not any more. I failed miserably at my attempt to procrastinate for a complete weekend on cleaning the house. (something which I am secretly proud of... shh don't tell the host body) Upon opening my refrigerator and being faced with a new and completely undocumented form of life in my tupperware I decided it was, indeed, time to clean the 'fridge. It was either that or have my kitchen officially labeled as an organic cross mutation laboratory. Since I can't afford the time and money getting the needed grants I used approx $.35 worth of cleaning supplies and went with option 1. My fridge is now so clean you could eat out of it.. umm ok bad example.

I also got the spare room cleaned out and re-organized, the grass cut and the bushes trimmed, and I can now actually see the top of this desk *gasp* AND I did dishes.

In other news, I'm really starting to wonder if all my brushes with death (aka the lightning strike a month ago, and the shocking time when a lamp fell into a bucket of water I had my hands in a week later) have somehow made me into a pseudo grim reaper. I say this because we have had a series of pet deaths this last 2 months. My bird died.. then my son's crayfish dies a week later.. last night his snail died. Hmm.. all thats left is the cat and lizard.. oh and a gold fish. God forbid the cat die.. I'll be heartbroken.. if the lizard dies my son will be inconsolable...

With my new DVD player I watched From Hell with my brother today. He enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to a viewing of Labyrinth later this evening. I'm sure it will be cheese-master and totally out of date... but I do like the movie.. there I admitted it.

Anyway.. yall have fun. Be safe. Love ya.


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