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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, July 23, 2004

G'morning TGIF

It's Friday! I really like Friday. It's the start of my ritualized procrastination. I always promise myself I'm going to "insert mundane and hopelessly boring task here" this weekend. And I never do. This weekend I'm promising myself I'm going to do a deep clean on the house. We'll see...

Today is "employee appreciation" day at work. An event so fun it promises to make your butt pucker and your urine glow! If your lucky your appendix might just rupture from the joy! Woo hoo... (do you see that big puddle.. that's the sarcasm.. don't step in that. It's on my "to be cleaned list")

The only good thing about EA day is the possibility of winning decent loot. TVs, DVD players, gift cards to major importers of slave manufacturing. Other than that it's typical office BS. Games designed (by a caffeine maddened member of upper management) to appeal to as few people as possible... I think a Syphilitic monkey would be more entertaining, and possibly more logical, and better articulated.. but I digress. At least it does mean free lunch... If you call hot dogs, chips, and a substandard cake lunch. Oh well.. I'm broke.. I'll eat it. Pray for me...

Anyway, I didn't kill any family members or my love in my dreams last night.. That I can remember anyway. It's actually a ... uhh good?.. thing to be killed in my dreams. It's a sign that I really honestly care for you. Strange, eh? Well, I've never claimed to be normal.

Be good.. or at least wait till I get there to be bad! Yall have fun.


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