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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Loss of convenience

The day I have feared for some time has come to pass.  I'm feeling an acute sense of loss.  My ... sniff, sniff... microwave has died (sob).  After many, many years of faithful service... it has finally made it's way to the big repair shop in the sky.  This loss is indeed grave... only the coffee machine and my shower head were more revered and deeply rooted in my heart. 
Oh the memories... never again will I be able to push 245 and have hot buttery popcorn.  Or or.. reheating coffee.. yes that was priceless.. However, I must push on... with that said...
I went to Wally-world to buy a replacement, yes it had to be done.  I got to the aisle in question... Dear GOD!  I mean really!  For some of those prices I would expect the damn thing to be able to perform Shakespeare.  Sadly, very sadly.. buying a replacement will have to wait.  At least for a week. 
Oh well, I guess this means I'll actually have to cook again... with pots and everything!  Imagine.. egads.. this means I'll have to do dishes at least once a day... *gasp*  the horror, oh the humanity!


  • I felt the same way when my old hair dryer passed on.

    By Blogger Amanda, at 2:29 AM  

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