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Letters to Nowhere

Monday, July 19, 2004

He's back

Yay! My beau has been out of (his) town for the last several days. I'm glad to say he's back and I was able to talk to him last night. I'd missed him.

Of course, him being back means I won't be blogging 9 times in 3 days... but that could be a good thing lol. Yes, you ,sadly, were my crutch while I had no one else.

He called and we talked for hours, as we usually do. We didn't talk about what I thought we would. Of course, being predictable can get very unappealing, so it's all for the best I'm sure.

So in short, Yay! He's back. See, I could have saved myself alot of key strokes. Those 3 words sum it up.

A gaggle of my best online friends got together in Quebec for a meet. It was great to get to see them all in one place, to hear them laughing and talking together over the mic. It was hell to not be there with them. I love you guys. But, you know that. Please be careful on the way back home. DON'T GET LOST AGAIN!

Oh well, Monday morning is beckoning me again. I have to get to work. You know if I could just change those unrealistic views my son has.. Then I could work part time.. I mean really.. does he really need to eat 3 times a day.. He's got the funniest ideas about that LMAO


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