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Letters to Nowhere

Monday, July 19, 2004

Browsing Bloggs

I went on a hunt for new bloggs tonight for lack of anything better to do. I started just looking at a few from GA that had interests that intrigued me. I ended up bookmarking one.

Then I just ran down the list of recently updated looking for names I liked. You know creative, but with some sign that intelligent life might exist on the site. I found 4 in a row that were great titles. However, they were brand new bloggs lol. OK crash and burn on the attempt to delve into the minds of fellow bloggers tonight.

On a completely unrelated subject.. It amuses me to show someone something and have them respond with Ohhhh My Gawd, I never knew that even existed. Where.. who.. how do you know about this?

I guess I enjoy shocking, educating, or enlightening people. All three at once is lovely. However, people are, generally speaking, not as easy to shock as they once were. Thankfully, there are still some fairly sheltered types out there I can corrupt.. umm I mean... umm Anyway!

Of course I was a bit shocked tonight to read in a blogg that Julia Roberts was on TV milking a HORSE! (I'm sorry I don't remember which blogg I read it on.. if you see this leave a comment and I will gladly credit you)

I've been home most of the day. I had to leave work early due to the funk that is going around. Intestinal.. pretty bad stuff. So I've had plenty of time (between trips to the bathroom) to surf Bloggs.

Well, ladies and gents, boys and girls. I do believe I am done for the night. Be good, enjoy, and g'night.


  • How did you get the Blog roll me thing, and the email address on your blog roll.

    By Blogger Amanda, at 12:52 AM  

  • I hope I was one of the fellow Georgia bloggers with an interesting blog name that you came across. Yes, unfortunately the blog is still new - but rest assured there are many many good stories to come. Keep a curious eye on my blog.


    By Blogger Greg W., at 4:30 AM  

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