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Letters to Nowhere

Monday, September 04, 2006

Scratch That..

(ahem) Wedding in October is off. It's been decided, we're waiting.

SO! How was your weekend?


  • You both have been on a rollercoaster ride. My heart goes out to both of you. I am just getting caught up, I check your blog for days and its the same then I don't for a few days and WHOOP holy crap theres abunch of updates. I hardly see either of you online cause you're busy being invisible lol,so this is where I get my info.
    Last time we talked*..it was not decided, it was just an idea in the making...at the time I didn't do any whoooping and jumping in glee for you only because it would have been premature as to anything official being decided.
    I have known you both long enough to know how hard this must be for you both. The ultimate goal of being together has been filled with the need to also go through hoops , then do it again in triplicate on the dotted line. Then add each individuals needs and wants , shake that up and then have to put the pieces back together. Stay steadfast here and compromise there. With all relationships, its a balancing act...and only becomes harder when its done over miles and miles of being separate.
    Trying to deal with that is hard and sometimes all the details get in the way. I hope within all this caos...the one thing that really counts is JUST being together. Your lives together afterwards to deal with details will be alot easier when done face to face. Even the humdrum will be a joy to be able to deal with together.
    I guess what I am trying to say is, why has everyone elses opinion of your chosen path become more important then what both of you have been striving for in the last 2 yrs? As important as loved ones are in our lives...they are not who ultimately decides how we choose to live our whole lives, they can help at times yes but do they tell u who to love or how to love...if they did, would u listen? Both of you have to deal with different kinds of families, and anyone would respect that u both do it the best way you can. Just don't let it take presidence over what is most important...Your love for eachother. Making a life together. Being eachothers safe place to fall. No matter what. I hope that all the details can get out of the way so that the Ultimate goal is finally attained. At the end of the day...it's about being able to roll over in bed and know u can put your arm around the person u love if u need or want to. Just hearing them breath, or just touching their skin to feel the warmth and smell the scent of that person that is part of you.

    By Blogger moon, at 2:52 PM  

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