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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Expectations: Sometimes you're right

My long time beau and I have been making plans for the last several weeks plans (technically tentative, but 99% there)to get married on 10-21-2006.

I'm offering you, yes YOU!, the chance to join the ranks of the studiously indifferent, and the mildly interested.

With VERY little exception each of our family members have reacted to the news with the same level of emotional excitement and well wishes you usually only feel radiating off Tax Auditors and Phone Company Employees. Yeah .. Exactly!

WE both knew there were a few people that probably wouldn't be thrilled.. But damn

Rather than being relieved we'd told everyone and basking in the "I wish you could have heard "insert Aunt Apathy name here" moment.

We spent a few depressed, mostly silent, and utterly under-whelmed minutes on the phone trying to do two things at once:

Comfort each other, and lick our own wounds.

Wounds we received from the most deadly of weapons if it's in the hands of someone you love and/or respect. Indifference.

Since then we've both slunk off to hole up in the minds and bellys of our beasts; I use this time to try to scrape something that will pass as a "life-lesson" out of this. I'm having a hard time trying to justify, not even explain.. Maybe something like: Never do for free what you can get paid for, even if you'll miss your only child's wedding?

No that cant right... Sigh..

I love him, If he will have me I'll be his wife by sundown October 21. If he decides he wants to wait.. Well.. I guess we'll be waiting.


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