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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, September 30, 2005

From friendly to catty with one

Yawn or Hiss?simple sentence.

I was talking to a dealer today about how a leased vehicle is listed on an auto policy.

He was making a common mistake with regard to the type of legal protection lease companies get under the policy endorsements.

I was giving him a crash course. 1. The additional insured is protected from law suits by the liability on the policy. That is why leased cars are usually required to carry higher liability limits. 2. The loss payee aka lienholder is covered by the physical damage portion.

Then he said it "No darlin' that's not how it works. I've been a dealer for 2 years. The loss payee has nothing to do with comprehensive and collision. Don't worry your learn it eventually, darlin'.


Me: "Pardon me? I, sir, have been a insurance agent for the last 7 years. I am licensed to sell and service policies in 13 states. I'm sorry, When did you say you got your property and casualty agents license?"

He got huffy. "I'll just call Ford MYSELF and we'll clear this up"

Me: "Go right ahead. Just make sure you bring me on the line to make sure there's no confusion."

Six minutes later, A changed man was on the phone with me. "Ma'am, I stand corrected. The woman with Ford set me straight. You are correct."

Me: Yes sir.. now did you want that faxed?, I asked sweetly.


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