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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bring on the clowns..

Sigh.. there are days that working for an insurance company is.. well .. it's challenging. My often sarcastic sense tries to overwhelm my common sense.

With another huge hurricane heading into the south people are panicking. At least Katrina did remind people that there really IS something worry about.

In the areas around Houston, gas is a commodity with power at the moment. Huge lines, actual fighting in some areas, and already increased gas prices are causing no end of difficulties.

One of the calls I received today was from a frantic woman trying to evacuate. She ran out of gas and wanted her roadside service (something she has on her insurance policy) to bring her some. I advised her that we could have someone bring her $10 worth of gas. She begins to call me everything but the sweet woman I am.

"I'm TOTALLY OUT OF GAS. I need A LOT of GAS!" she shrieks. She continues with "All the gas stations around here are either out of gas or have an hour WAIT!"

I understand ma'am. However, we can not transport large volumes of gas for safety and financial reason. And sadly, due to the grid lock of evacuees it will about about 2 hours before the truck can get to you. That's what I really said... what I WANTED to say was .. uh.. honey? You do realize the tow truck is also in Houston.. where the HELL do you think HE'S going to get gas? Huh? HUH? By waiting in line! For an HOUR! If he can find it AT ALL.

I feel for these people.. I really do. Now here's where I'm going to irritate a few people.. but hell it's my blog.. Darlin.. A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for me.

There's also the rush of people trying to add Comprehensive coverage to their vehicles because a storms on the way.. sorry .. it just don't work that way. We are in a freeze for new physical damage coverage. And..And.. that's doubly true when you have been driving around with NO insurance at all.

Him: I'd like to add Comp to my policy.
Me: I'll look into that for you. What's your policy number? uh huh.. ok. Sir? Were you aware that your policy canceled 4 months ago for non-payment?
Him: Really? Wow I didn't realize?
Me: (thinking it) wow I guess ya didn't realize you hadn't written us a check for 5 months.

I was actually looking forward to my over time today. My OT doesn't involve me being on the phone.. strictly data entry.. Yay! Carpal Tunnel do your Worst!!


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