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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Here I sit all broken hearted..

Tried to Clean,
but barely started.

The neighbor is moving and her daughter is here for the moment while she takes a load of stuff to the new place.

Her daughter is a year younger than James. They are 7 and 8,respectively.

The two of them are co-operatively reading "Green eggs and Ham"

She is not a very good reader. James has gotten much better given he has dyslexia. So, under the guise of helping her read the book, he's reading every other page. Woo-Hoo a two-fer!

So, if you were able to phase out all the noise in my house and just listen to me.. well, I'd be in a strait jacket right now. I've been washing dishes and randomly yelling out things like .. "Them" wash, rinse.. wash, rinse, wash, rinse "house".

While organizing movies "is that a D or a B"

While cleaning out the cat box "Say! not see"

Damn, I know that book far, far, far too well. Of course reading it, overseeing the reading of it, and listening to it be read for the last year or so has permanently etched each word into my brain.

Still they are having fun, reading, and fairly quiet.. thank the gods.

The housework, however, is still not done.. sigh


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