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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, August 27, 2004

Birth Control Reminder

Silence.. ahh The peace and quiet. I'm enjoying it. For the last hour I've had 3 kids in my house. My son, 7 and 2 neighbors kids. One of which is 5 the other 4. Dear GOD! I thought my son was a motor mouth. And my nerves are shot from keeping the 4 yr old from touching stuff.

I have a very eclectic decorating style. Alot of my things took a long time to track down and most weren't cheap. My son knows what he's allowed to touch and not touch. So I don't give too much thought to what I put where. My house is no longer kid proof.. because my kid knows better.

So all this "cool stuff" was just a kid magnet today. ACK!! put down the Galileo thermometer, No No No you cant turn all the hourglasses. So help me, kid if you put one more hand on my $100 Buddha somebody is gonna die! No you cant rifle through my hard back book collection looking for pictures, put it down, sit down, don't pull the cat's tail, stop touching that, leave it alone, the cat will bite, no running in the house, don't tap on the fish tank, no you cant hold the lizard, lower your voice, no you cant see whats in the fridge, that is MY room close the door. ARRRGGGG.... I have been in kiddie HELL!

They all just left.... all I hear at the moment is the soft wrr of the ceiling fan. Bliss!


  • This birth control moment brought to you by the letter R(ed Clover)

    OMG! If that didn't cure me of wanting kids, nothing will!!!

    Thanks for the reminder to take my birth control!!!


    By Blogger Shannon, at 8:27 AM  

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