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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Sometimes they come back

I was woken up 45 mins ago by "The Mistake". Ladies, you know the one. The one that was so clearly wrong you cringe just a bit every time you think of him.

He was a friend of my mother's and her husband. At the time he was what I needed. We were friends that did everything a "real" couple do. We cared for each other but there was never any love. He brought me out of my anti-man phase and forced me from my self imposed isolation cell. For that I can thank him. I've not seen him for quite some time. He's been in jail. He knocked up at 16 yr old girl while I was seeing him. Which explains why I stopped seeing him. He fenced stolen goods (mine). But it seems he's out now and was at a party about 3 miles from my house. His ride home left with out him. Soo..

At 8:45 am he's knocking on my door. I answer it..

Me: oh boy, what are you doing here?
TM: I need a ride home, me and my friend.

Ok he smells of beer, I really don't want to get into a fight before I've even had a chance to pick the eye boogers out of the corner of my eyes. Damn it.. why did I answer the door?

He pulled me into a too familiar embrace and I turned my head as he tried to kiss me.

Me: I thought you were married, I said as I push him away.
TM: No, I'm divorced now.

Ok Ladies and gents, I'll admit I wasn't thinking clearly so I did something I don't usually do.. I lied.. and I lied BIG.

Me: Well, you may be divorced, but I'm not..

It had the desired result.. he took another step away from me
TM: (incredulously) You're married?
Me: Yes, I am.
TM: Where's your husband?
Me: Visiting family in Canada.
TM: oh

I go into the bedroom, yelling at him to make coffee over my shoulder, I close the door FIRMLY behind me and get dressed. I know him you see.. If I don't take him home I'm gonna spend the next hour trying to get him out of my house.

I come out dressed. There is the "friend" sitting on my couch. He's a kid, maybe 19.. thanking me profusely, and clearly uncomfortable to have woken me up. I get my coffee.. come on boys, lets get this over with so I can go back to bed. I drive them the 15 or so miles to the kids house. Drop them and never look back.

Damn it, I was sleeping GOOD too. Now of course I cant go back to sleep. Be careful... sometimes they come back.


  • My "mistake" likes to call me on occasion. Its usually right after the point when i think im safe and will never hear from him again. The phone will ring, ill answer it, hear his voice and automatically go into "Oh Shit" mode. While he's telling me he misses me, im packing my bags, wondering how fast i can get to Mexico.

    By Blogger Amanda, at 3:02 AM  

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