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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Suuuuuper Red!!

I am convinced that I have a few super powers. Some are more beneficial than others.

1. Lugosi/Linebacker: All it takes to activate this power is one small child standing next to the bed while I’m fully asleep. Then they say the magic words "mom I don’t feel so *blurb gurgle splash*". One second, I’m seemingly, a lifeless corpse. The next, I have a 73 lb kid tucked under my arm like a foot ball, running at full speed to the bathroom.

2. You’ve heard of the Midas touch? Occasionally I have the "Sadim" touch. Everything I touch turns to crap. Thankfully, this power doesn’t manifest itself often. But when it does I’m in for a long rough few months.

3. Gay-dar... nuff said.

4. Ehem.. a few of my super powers just aren’t appropriate to discuss in mixed company.. Use your imagination.

But, if you ask my kid.. I have a slew of mommy only super powers that I won't bore you with.

Ok I'm off to sell pets and pet supplies to the masses.. be back in oh.. 12 hours. Yep a long day!
To my non-US friends, ok correction .. to my friends in general.. packages/cards will be mailed next weekend. I promise. So, if they end up being New Years tidings, just remember I luvs yall. Really I do.


  • LOL.

    Good thing ya' got some of those powers. We'd be knee-deep in puke if you didn't. ;)


    By Blogger Garrison Steelle, at 6:35 PM  

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