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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, October 08, 2004


You know those days where you wake up and feel like a Goddess/God among men? Where you think, I'm so great I'm going to need to hire body guards to keep the paparazzi away. After I show up, work's gonna start a cover charge! Molten lava has nothing on my hotness!

Well, today was NOT one of those days. About the best I could come up with was "well nobody should barf when they see me". And that's after I put some time and effort into hair and makeup.. prior to that, people would have barfed.

All things considered though it's been a pretty good day. I got lots done at work. (mostly bitching and whining but hey!) I was hit was an expected expense related to my insurance license and it means that I had to chose between keeping my job or paying the car payment.. blah They informed us Monday that we'd have to pay to renew our insurance licenses this year.. by today. Since I hold licenses in 14 states this turned out to be a HUGE expense. In an attempt to stave off possible rioting (well that's my theory), they did provide us w/ a free (and really good) barbecue dinner today.

That huge expense also means I wont get to take my son to see Shark Tales, something I promised we'd do this weekend. I hate, hate, hate breaking my word to my son. So goes.. I'll bribe him with the left over barbecue I brought home. lol

On a good note. I talked to the landlord.. she's probably going to carpet the house in the next month or so. I have hideous beige, yellow, and avocado linoleum all through the house right now. The house (more correctly double wide trailer, yep I'm trailer trash :) lol) is from the 70's. But considering I pay little to nothing to live here due to being wonderfully close to the landlord I don't complain .. much... well at least not to her.

Some of my peevishness today is undoubtedly due to the fact that this time last month I was on a plane. Headed northwest, to a warm and long awaited welcome..

I did talk to my father tonight and tell him I went. Yep, he didn't even know I was going. He was somewhat shocked I didn't tell him. But, given the fact dad has an undying fear (actually it's the death part that worries him) of flying, I thought it would be better to save him the agonizing over it. Now he doesn't have to worry about me being vaporized, robbed, hijacked, blah blah.. because I'm back.

I told him I was going to meet some online friends (true). That they are a divorced couple (true). That I had a good time (true). My lie, by omission, is the fact I'm giving very serious thought to moving there. I'm going to work on it. You know pull out all the public relation tricks and buff the image of Les, and Canada till you can see you're reflection. Then we'll talk to dad about the future.. besides we are talking the future.. sadly, not even the near future. So I have time to work on that.


  • Your dad (and the rest of your family) will no doubt huff 'n' puff and pout some at the idea of you moving so far away...but at the end of the day, they will want whatever makes you happy. I wish you all your heart desires and every happiness in pursuing that dream. You deserve it! *hugs*

    By Blogger JustSue, at 8:02 AM  

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